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 I get it, youre more focused on becoming a pop icon like Madonna than a female G Rap in his prime. But boy do we miss the girl who murdered The Throne on that Monster tune. Hey, Im all for evolution. But no more audio pollution.
Like Moment 4 Life, I did a skit I was pretending to be an old lady, Martha, when I did Right Thru Me, I did a skit. I always try to do that when I have the forum to do it. Before she took the stage to perform Roman Holiday at the 2012 Grammy Awards ceremony, Nicki prefaced her stage show with the Exorcism of Roman mini-movie. Her recent theatrics, which have drawn a ton of criticism, arent a far cry from the skits that appeared in her Moment 4 Life and Right Thru Me videos. Nicki may have started out a rapper, but she has grown to be so much more. A number of her recently released songs, which are being used to set up her sophomore Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, have been pop affairs. From the RedOne-produced Starships to Roman Holiday, there will be songs that will exist outside of the canon of traditional hip-hop. However, Nickis recently released Roman Reloaded single featuring Lil Wayne proves that she can still spit bars with the best of them.

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During her recent performance at the Grammys Nicki Minaj went above and beyond with the theatrics and when MTV News caught up with the Queens rapper after her performance at the 2012 NBA All-Star game, she put it all in perspective.

In her dressing room, Minaj Naked talked about her background in theater, addressing the balance she strikes between hip-hop and pop. Thats just who I am. I was a theater major; I studied theater, Nicki Minaj told MTV News. Its funny because, even with the Grammys, that wasnt the first time Ive done theater.

Let s see where she is 2yrs from now Hopefully back in Queens working in those little diners for tips. Truestory Welcome to your ultimate source for everything!Nicki Minaj sex tape can t lie man, that StarShips song bought her another 15 minutes cus that song, regardless what anybody says is going to be huge, but at the same time she sold out as much as Timbaland did.

As the work of younga Rico Beats, best known for producing Nicki Minaj sex tape Mug.A We got a hold of the talented Brooklyn beat maker, and he told us all about how he and Nicki gotatogether, and even dished about his work on new projects froma Pusha T anda Jadakiss.
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 Nicki was recording her first album, I missed out, because I was working on stuff for Soulja Boy. Safaree hit me when they started working on the new album, but I didnAt have anything for her. So in one month I did about 50 beats, and ARoman ReloadedA was one they ended up keeping. AIAve been in the studio with her a couple of times, but not when she recorded ARoman Reloaded.

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 Find out why Rico Beats is poised for a big 2012 himself Nicki Minaj nude assistant Safaree and I are both from Brooklyn. IAve known him since back in the day, and weAve always had a relationship. We hung out with the same crowd, and we kept in touch when I started making beats.

A Last month, I was in the studio with her in L.A., trying to get some more music on her album. She played me a snippet of  then, but it wasnAt finished yet. Nicki Minaj nude clip heard the finished version, it was crazy. For a dude like me, out of Brooklyn, to work with an artist on her level, itAs crazy. Nicki Minaj nude  a really nice person. A lot of people donAt know that about her. Every time weAre in the same room she shows love. SheAs just really cool.
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